How automation helps IT go from putting out fires to igniting innovation

Keep supporting your users, while doing more to help the business at large.

The demands on IT are greater than ever—yet your resources remain the same. You’re facing down new innovation and digital transformation mandates, yet you’re still expected to help users and keep up with day-to-day needs.

Automation can help make up the difference—and in more ways than you think.

This e-book explores new ways software robots can take on IT’s least-favorite tasks. Create chatbots and self-service tools to support users. Offload key processes from infrastructure to apps management. IT work is specialized, but today’s robots can do the more tedious IT work the same way you would—and with even greater speed and accuracy.

Once you can rest assured that these critical tasks are still in safe hands, you can focus in on those bigger initiatives that will truly revolutionize your organization. Download the e-book to see what’s possible.

Automating IT: 4 ways to automate like never before, so you can innovate like never before

From security to migration to management, software robots do the little work, so you can think big.

Transitioning to new technology requires a lot of tasks, processes, and manual labor. So does user support. So does security. And that means the work your IT team wants to do most—really transforming the business with technological innovation—often falls by the wayside.

Luckily, now you no longer need to choose between supporting the business short-term and developing it long-term. In this e-book, we explore new ways that end-to-end automation can remove some of IT’s workload. Software robots can help with a variety of routine processes, including:

  • Tackling support tickets
  • Maintaining, upgrading, and testing applications
  • Simplifying cloud migration
  • Handling common security alerts

These robots can do IT’s specialized work, exactly how you do it, quickly and accurately. And then you can really get down to your specialty—introducing technology and innovation. Download the e-book and discover the possibilities.

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